Day 5



Dear Wool Reyes,

I just got home. It is day 5. I do not know what to feel.
I am sad. I am happy. I do not know how should I feel. What do you think I should feel?

It is not easy to be shifting to many different emotions so suddenly. Praying then crying, then smiling , then crying, then laughing. You could imagine how many words came out from my mouth! I was already "mumbling & jumbling" the words in the prayer card . It felt like i was a robot. i started to feel drained and tired. The spirit is strong but the body has begun to feel tired. We have not slept well for days while you are fast asleep! Please wakeup, Wool Reyes!

Your friends and our friends came to hug us. Visitors came bringing us food and envelopes. I realized we almost didnt buy any food because people came to feed us. Your website had become viral and many people came to hug us and cheer us up.

You were relax today. Maybe because yesterday we prayed all together the St Pio's prayer and relic which we placed in your hands. You didnt have another cardiac arrest and please thats enough ! Theres something that needed attention, its your kidneys.
They did some procedure called CRRT , ofcourse i could not understand what it is but i think its something to help you empty your kidneys so you wont be bloated. I think you tolerated it.

The family meeting this afternoon was to brief us of the temporary work you left behind , we wanted to see that all your commitments with people on your franklin covey agenda diary was met and "digested by our brains". We discussed and distributed the work among ourselves based on the talents and strengths of each one. Naturally i was assigned to do the food booth coordination! haha ! 

Oh hey ! I got the stickers for your fund raising campaign and your friends came and they sat at the corregidors with their laptops to plan your "All out party for wool at the Bond" for this Monday. They are raising funds to help us in the medical expenses. I wish you could see us all. Please wakeup. We asked Mama Mary to give you back to us and to grant you the miracle of life to be walking and playing with us again 

I miss you wool. Please talk to God . 

Wake up Wolverine!!! We all 9 siblings are waiting - WESTAYCONNECTED , right?

I'll see you later, You owe me a hug for all of these,
Ate Cotton — with Jubilee Dots and 8 others.


Artie Salvador
03/16/2013 7:35pm

I will really pray hard for you Wool! My kids are so excited for football camp this summer and they're excited to see their coach... I will pray for your family as well... Please get well soon!

Melissa mishuku
03/17/2013 4:38am

My heart is breaking reading this. Wool has been a friend of mine for 5 years now and he has not only been a friend to me but a brother too. Hearing this about Wool brings me to tears because he is not that "type" of person to be going such an ordeal! What more for you and your family. I am talking to God everyday asking him to bring back Wool or at the least, to open his eyes so we know that he is here with us. I give you my support in prayers.. I am keeping my faith and believe that God can do wonders for this boy who means a lot to us and the world to you. Praying all the way for Wooly.


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