Day 4


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Dear Wool Reyes,

I just got home, its day 4 in the hospital, It has been a series of roller coaster of emotions... early this am at 3am you had another cardiac arrest and Your brother Paulus was Midnight shift and you made him cry again! 

We scheduled a family meeting at 930 am so on our way to you at 9am you had again cardiac arrest but the doctors revived you. I do not know what you are up to but i feel you are fighting my little brother. 

You had a total of 3 cardiac arrest already and the doctors are left in awe. 
They said you are an extraordinary case and each time you showed us hope. 

I have never seen Mom pray so loud and squeezing Bishop Alvaro Del Portillos prayer card tightly. She was 
crying and ordering Bishop Alvaro Del Portillo to save you and let You be the miracle we are asking for his sainthood.

Your friends came and we are almost near filling up the big acrylic box outside the door "Messages for Wool Reyes"

How excited I feel now and i cant wait to give this box to you so you can read the hundreds of notes of friends who drop by to show their love and to cheer us up while we wait for you to wakeup.

Towards the evening, things felt lighter as many friends brought us food and asked how you are doing ? I didnt know what to say because you had 3 cardiac arrest ! ! ! They continue to ask more and are so happy to see and hear you fight !

Your website is up, did you know you have one now ?

Your friends are having a fundraising party for you this Monday at Bond . Wow ! someone donated some beer :) haha ! you are gonna miss this but its all for you , so hang on little brother because
we fight , we hope and we are all waiting !

Wake up little brother ! Wakey wakey up!!

Love, 100% Cotton 
(Ate Cotton)


Meg Bravo-Tarrobago
03/16/2013 2:32am

This diary never fails to make me teary eyed. I get so emotional while reading each entry, and I always end up having tears rolling down my face.

I continue to pray for Wool's healing and recovery. I also pray that God may grant the whole family the necessary strength to be able to get through this life's great challenge.

God bless you all.


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