Day 3



Dear Wool Reyes,

Today is day 3 in the hospital. Chuckle, Cheer, Champ,Nich Sylver & Cheil arrived from Canada. How wonderful you must have been to feel the strength in numbers. 9 siblings all together is a beautiful sight for you. Whatsapp group messaging and skype was not needed anymore because we are again together after 5 years. We 9 kids are reunited again with Mom. 

Moms dream was to have all of us together again ever since daddy passed away.

We may be separated by 2 continents , but Dad coined us to be "9" for eachother so we siblings built the family motto : WESTAYCONNECTED :) (I really love how we all write it without spaces)

We had a family conference with the doctors and the odds are at stake but we dont lose HOPE.... WE FIGHT 
for you, Just how you struggled pulling the day to day family needs. 

Since the time Mom found out you were in the hospital ,It was only today i really saw her smiling again because she felt HOPE again when everyone came home. There really is strength in numbers ! 

Lets, get things done for you while you fight ! You have many things still to do .. WAKEUP, get the pressure out of your brain. Your friends are organizing parties for you , raising funds for you to help you get through this . So wakeup little brother we all miss you! 
Xoxo, Ate Cotton


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    Cotton Reyes Sevilla is the eldest sister of Wool. She can be reached at 


    March 2013