Dear Wool Reyes,

It was day 2 at the hospital today. I am overwhelmed with the many beautiful stories i heard about you from friends today. I didnt know you have so many friends :) and they miss you and love you so so so much ! So many of your friends came today and yesterday . I met some today, friends from alabang, from southridge, from ua &p , mentors and teachers and priest friends, friends from diff soccer places, team mates, from gimmicks, from all sorts of places, girl friends, buddies, even business executives whom you have somebow shared your passion on football:) you seemed to be the little mayor which i didnt know :) ( smile) -- How I miss you so much now. One of your kid students came too :) " little javi " and he said you still have to teach him soccer more....

Pls hang on Wool Reyes and Fight ! because The world is waiting :)
I miss you sooo much Wool Reyes ! Love, Ate Cotton

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    Cotton Reyes Sevilla is the eldest sister of Wool. She can be reached at 


    March 2013