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I just got home. I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES. Pls pray with us , its going to be a long trial for the family and for Wool Reyes but , yes Miracles do happen. 

Wool is my 34 yr old brother , a a lovable soccer enthusiasts, a kids soccer coach, a passionate soccer believer ... Wool Reyes, manages The UFL Team Socceroo Football Club. Today, I received a call that he was brought by my other brother Michael Reyes to the hospital after finding him on the pavement during a meeting at a coffeeshop @ Bonifacio HighStreet. Unconcious, no pulse, no breathing, no heartbeat. He was rushed to the nearby hospital , Cardiac Arrest happened. Andiogram in heart showed no blockage, too much pressure in the brain , the ct scan andiogram in brain showed he had bleeding in brain. aneurysm was the guess... after many tests, Surgeons could not give treatment because they could not find aneurysm bec of the many blood inside the brain, we now wait for 1-2 weeks for the blood to slowly be washed off and then the surgeons can give him his needed treatment and surgery. 

Wool has always been a passionate boy when it comes to his projects for his team... , a Paref Southridge and UA&P Graduate. Wool Reyes at an early age took over as the head of the family at age 23 . with 9 brothers and sisters to take care , sent to school, and a mother to love and care, Now, he needs the world. Wool Reyesneeds many daily prayers .pls pray 1 Hail Mary, that will help us gather the many roses we can offer to Mama Mary for a miracle .Its long but we dont stop bec we all believe in miracles.-- Wool Reyes Michael Reyes Sophia VR Champ Reyes Nich Sylver Paulus Reyes


03/19/2013 8:11pm

deep condolences to you and to the whole family


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    Cotton Reyes Sevilla is the eldest sister of Wool. She can be reached at 


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