Day 7



I wish to make my last letter to 
my brother wool reyes but at the moment i cannot think. 

I realized i owe you the details of Wool Reyes. Wool is Jose Gaudencio V. Reyes 

His wake will be at his home Parish at Jesus the Divine Healer Parish Church, 12 Lily Street, Tahanan Village, Paranaque City. He will be there starting at about 6pm tonight. Daily mass for Wool at 6pm. A special final mass will be held on Saturday, March 23, 9AM at the same Church after which he will be brought to St. James Church, Ayala Alabang.

May God Bless you all.

Day 6



Dear Wool Reyes,

Its your 6th day in the hospital. 

Right after i finished writing you yesterdays letter , your 2nd sister chuckle called asking me to come to the hospital early morning. You showed signs that water in your lungs started to accumulate. It was not a good sign. Didnt' you promised me to remain strong and positive ,right? The doctors said you are tough and you are a fighter-- Please remain strong and we will make it. We will take things 1 step at a time. 

Today Your youngest sister's bestfriend came, She serenaded you with songs you always ask her to sing. Remember each time you see her with Cheil, you do not let them go until she sings you songs. Your room was filled up with 4 songs of hope , inspiration and love that you always ask her to sing. Oh my , she was crying while she was singing you all these. Your siblings were crying and Mom was holding your hand as we listened to Kathleen sing to you again....

She sang you your favorite "A Whole New World" from Disney's Aladdin.

"A whole new world
Don't you dare close your eyes
A hundred thousand things to see
Hold your breath - it gets better
I'm like a shooting star
I've come so far
I can't go back to where I used to be

A whole new world
Every turn a surprise
With new horizons to pursue
Every moment red-letter
I'll chase them anywhere
There's time to spare
Let me share this whole new world with you

A whole new world
That's where we'll be
A thrilling chase
A wondrous place
For you and me "

She sang you to also your favorite , Bubbly by Colbie Cailat

You made me cry again when i heard this part:

"Will you count me in?
I've been awake for a while now
You've got me feelin' like a child now
'Cause every time I see your bubbly face
I get the tinglies in a silly place

It starts in my toes
And I crinkle my nose
Wherever it goes
I always know
you make me smile
Please stay for a while now
Just take your time
Wherever you go "

and also Gary Valenciano's song... "Reaching out"...

"What must I do to make you understand 
You mean everything to me 
Don't have the strength to say 
Give this heart of mine a chance 
And maybe then you will see... 

I'll do anything, do anything that you tell me 
I'll be there, I'll be there if you need me. 

Reachin' out to you 
Do you feel it too 
Lovin' you is all I wanna do 
I'm completely sure 
I've never felt this way before 
When I smile you know that there is something more. 

What must I do so I can make you see 
The light that shines in my eyes 
You brighten up my day 
You even help me find my way 
I wish you're always by my side 

And I can't stop, don't know how to stop thinkin' of you 
And I'll do anything, do anything to be near you... 

Reachin' out to you 
Do you feel it too 
Lovin' you is all I wanna do 
I'm completely sure 
I've never felt this way before 
Deep inside you know that there is something more. 

and yes, Daddy's song...

"What A Wonderful World"

I see trees of green, 
red roses too. 
I see them bloom, 
for me and you. 
And I think to myself,
what a wonderful world. 

I see skies of blue, 
And clouds of white. 
The bright blessed day, 
The dark sacred night. 
And I think to myself, 
What a wonderful world. 

The colors of the rainbow, 
So pretty in the sky. 
Are also on the faces, 
Of people going by, 
I see friends shaking hands. 
Saying, "How do you do?" 
They're really saying, 
"I love you". 

I hear babies cry, 
I watch them grow, 
They'll learn much more, 
Than I'll ever know. 
And I think to myself, 
What a wonderful world. 

Yes, I think to myself, 
What a wonderful world. "

Oh my , Wool, the songs that was sung to you is what we all wish for you. Its the song of what is happening to you, to mom and us your siblings. 
As i write this , I am left with sooo much tears and I cant help but think of you so much. How you live your life. How you touched many of your friends lives. You are amazing. All of us your siblings are holding on just for you to open your eyes again. Please , Wool wake up.

Mama Mary please give us Wool again. Please. I beg you....

My little brother , please open your eyes.
Let's play and walk . 
Wake up, Wool ... We are counting on you. Fight ! We need you.

It's a different game now, It's God's Free kick now.
Go little brother ! Go get it Wool! 
I'll see you later. 
Ate Cotton

Day 5



Dear Wool Reyes,

I just got home. It is day 5. I do not know what to feel.
I am sad. I am happy. I do not know how should I feel. What do you think I should feel?

It is not easy to be shifting to many different emotions so suddenly. Praying then crying, then smiling , then crying, then laughing. You could imagine how many words came out from my mouth! I was already "mumbling & jumbling" the words in the prayer card . It felt like i was a robot. i started to feel drained and tired. The spirit is strong but the body has begun to feel tired. We have not slept well for days while you are fast asleep! Please wakeup, Wool Reyes!

Your friends and our friends came to hug us. Visitors came bringing us food and envelopes. I realized we almost didnt buy any food because people came to feed us. Your website had become viral and many people came to hug us and cheer us up.

You were relax today. Maybe because yesterday we prayed all together the St Pio's prayer and relic which we placed in your hands. You didnt have another cardiac arrest and please thats enough ! Theres something that needed attention, its your kidneys.
They did some procedure called CRRT , ofcourse i could not understand what it is but i think its something to help you empty your kidneys so you wont be bloated. I think you tolerated it.

The family meeting this afternoon was to brief us of the temporary work you left behind , we wanted to see that all your commitments with people on your franklin covey agenda diary was met and "digested by our brains". We discussed and distributed the work among ourselves based on the talents and strengths of each one. Naturally i was assigned to do the food booth coordination! haha ! 

Oh hey ! I got the stickers for your fund raising campaign and your friends came and they sat at the corregidors with their laptops to plan your "All out party for wool at the Bond" for this Monday. They are raising funds to help us in the medical expenses. I wish you could see us all. Please wakeup. We asked Mama Mary to give you back to us and to grant you the miracle of life to be walking and playing with us again 

I miss you wool. Please talk to God . 

Wake up Wolverine!!! We all 9 siblings are waiting - WESTAYCONNECTED , right?

I'll see you later, You owe me a hug for all of these,
Ate Cotton — with Jubilee Dots and 8 others.

Day 4


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Dear Wool Reyes,

I just got home, its day 4 in the hospital, It has been a series of roller coaster of emotions... early this am at 3am you had another cardiac arrest and Your brother Paulus was Midnight shift and you made him cry again! 

We scheduled a family meeting at 930 am so on our way to you at 9am you had again cardiac arrest but the doctors revived you. I do not know what you are up to but i feel you are fighting my little brother. 

You had a total of 3 cardiac arrest already and the doctors are left in awe. 
They said you are an extraordinary case and each time you showed us hope. 

I have never seen Mom pray so loud and squeezing Bishop Alvaro Del Portillos prayer card tightly. She was 


Day 3



Dear Wool Reyes,

Today is day 3 in the hospital. Chuckle, Cheer, Champ,Nich Sylver & Cheil arrived from Canada. How wonderful you must have been to feel the strength in numbers. 9 siblings all together is a beautiful sight for you. Whatsapp group messaging and skype was not needed anymore because we are again together after 5 years. We 9 kids are reunited again with Mom. 

Moms dream was to have all of us together again ever since daddy passed away.

We may be separated by 2 continents , but Dad coined us to be "9" for eachother so we siblings built the family motto : WESTAYCONNECTED :) (I really love how we all write it without spaces)

We had a family conference with the doctors and the odds are at stake but we dont lose HOPE.... WE FIGHT 


Day 2



Dear Wool Reyes,

It was day 2 at the hospital today. I am overwhelmed with the many beautiful stories i heard about you from friends today. I didnt know you have so many friends :) and they miss you and love you so so so much ! So many of your friends came today and yesterday . I met some today, friends from alabang, from southridge, from ua &p , mentors and teachers and priest friends, friends from diff soccer places, team mates, from gimmicks, from all sorts of places, girl friends, buddies, even business executives whom you have somebow shared your passion on football:) you seemed to be the little mayor which i didnt know :) ( smile) -- How I miss you so much now. One of your kid students came too :) " little javi " and he said you still have to teach him soccer more....

Pls hang on Wool Reyes and Fight ! because The world is waiting :)
I miss you sooo much Wool Reyes ! Love, Ate Cotton

Day 1


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I just got home. I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES. Pls pray with us , its going to be a long trial for the family and for Wool Reyes but , yes Miracles do happen. 

Wool is my 34 yr old brother , a a lovable soccer enthusiasts, a kids soccer coach, a passionate soccer believer ... Wool Reyes, manages The UFL Team Socceroo Football Club. Today, I received a call that he was brought by my other brother Michael Reyes to the hospital after finding him on the pavement during a meeting at a coffeeshop @ Bonifacio HighStreet. Unconcious, no pulse, no breathing, no heartbeat. He was rushed to the nearby hospital , Cardiac Arrest happened. Andiogram in heart showed no blockage, too much pressure in the brain , the ct scan andiogram in brain showed he had bleeding in brain. aneurysm was the guess... after many tests, Surgeons could not give treatment because they could not find aneurysm bec of the many blood inside the brain, we now wait for 1-2 weeks for the blood to slowly be washed off and then the surgeons can give him his needed treatment and surgery. 

Wool has always been a passionate boy when it comes to his projects for his team... , a Paref Southridge and UA&P Graduate. Wool Reyes at an early age took over as the head of the family at age 23 . with 9 brothers and sisters to take care , sent to school, and a mother to love and care, Now, he needs the world. Wool Reyesneeds many daily prayers .pls pray 1 Hail Mary, that will help us gather the many roses we can offer to Mama Mary for a miracle .Its long but we dont stop bec we all believe in miracles.-- Wool Reyes Michael Reyes Sophia VR Champ Reyes Nich Sylver Paulus Reyes


    Cotton Reyes Sevilla is the eldest sister of Wool. She can be reached at 


    March 2013